Oct 26, 2022

Important things to know about dry waste and wet waste- 2022.

What are dry waste and wet waste?

Do you even ask yourself where all the waste material you produce goes? Do you know what are dry waste and wet waste? Waste management is a process of disposing of waste. The process of waste management is necessary due to the drastic climate changes that we are going through.  

Uttarayan developers took the initiative and extended their services to take care of the environment. They have placed different waste bins for dry waste and wet waste in the residential buildings of their project.

Management of waste material is one of the central problems that we face. You would be shocked to know that the amount of waste material India produces every year is about 62 million tons. It is important to know about the waste management process because there are certain waste materials that can affect the environment. 

Before we hop into the process of the waste management system. Let us discuss what is dry waste and wet waste. 

Dry waste is a type of waste material that does not decompose or decay. These are the waste that is not biodegradable. Some examples of dry waste are plastic bags, thermocol, empty bottles, stationeries, etc. Dry waste can also be recycled and can be formed into some new products. But before that, we should always segregate the waste materials carefully so that it is easily can be transformed into a new product.

Dry waste can also be recycled only if it is not polluted or contaminated. 

Wet waste is a type that can decompose and decay. These types of waste are actually found in the kitchen like the peels of potatoes and other types of vegetables, fruits, leftovers, on-veg, etc. Things are that not plasticized can be decomposed. Biodegradable products don’t harm the natural environment. 

Wet waste can also be recycled and can be turned into manure or fertilizer or other compost. Most of the wet waste materials are produced inside the kitchen. Therefore, most restaurants and other factories need proper waste management systems.  


Why is it important to know the difference between dry waste and wet waste?


It is important to know the difference between dry waste and wet waste. Before that, we must know that the segregation of dry and wet waste is also important. As we know that dry waste is non-biodegradable and wet waste is something that is biodegradable. Wet waste is organic material that is easily decomposed, unlike dry waste. 

The segregation of waste materials is important because not all the waste materials produced can be decomposed. As all the waste products are dumped in landfills which can later bring destructive changes to the environment. 

It is necessary to keep dry waste and wet waste dustbin in the house for different types of garbage because later on, it becomes easy for the garbage collector to segregate the waste. In our day-to-day life, we produce tons of garbage starting from kitchen waste to sanitary waste. 

Knowing the difference between all the dry waste and wet waste material makes it easier for the waste management team to be able to recycle the waste product. Since there are certain types of waste that can be recycled and also reused. Such as plastic bottles or glass bottles etc. We must make sure to dump the waste material carefully in order to make it less complicated to reuse it.

Climate change is as real as the existence of this world. Taking care of this world we live in must be our first priority. And being able to reflect upon oneself regarding environmental changes is a trait of a responsible citizen. 

We all know how the rapid technological changes of the world have impacted nature. Global warming is one of the important factors of environmental changes. The excess amount of chemically produce gas from the burning of plastics and other dry waste materials has impacted the environment. Factories and other industrial infrastructure are the major strands that stand in front of us that cause pollution. 

The continuous process of landfills with non-biodegradable waste can affect the land, it leaves the soil polluted which affects vegetation or farming. Segregating garbage and dumping the ones that can be composted and the ones that cannot be recycled or reused. This process will help to maintain a balanced healthy environment.


Few dry waste and wet waste examples. 


Now that you have a brief idea about the differences between dry and wet garbage. Let’s give you some examples of dry waste and wet waste.

Wet waste:

  • Vegetable and Fruit peel that you cut off
  • Rotten vegetables and fruits that you don’t eat.
  • Leftover Food that at times gets spoiled.
  • Coconut shells.
  • Used tea bags.
  • Used Leaves & Flowers
    from Puja
  • Finger or Toe Nails you cut.
  • Spoiled Spices in your kitchen.
  • Meat & Non-Veg Food Remains
  • Collect the fallen leaves of the garden.
  • Dried or dead flowers.
  • Dead Weeds.
  • Used oil.

Dry waste:

  • Every day Newspaper you read.
  • Oil Cans
  • Ghee/Oil Packets
  • Tetra packets like shampoo and other packets.
  • Butter packets 
  • Soap packets.
  • Plastic Straw
  • Beer bottles 
  • Other wrapping papers
  • Chocolate wrappers. 
  • Balloons and other plastic decorative materials, etc.


5 different types of waste bins.


To keep a clean environment, it is necessary for us to manage waste and keep in mind the proper process of disposal of garbage. Therefore, the segregation of garbage into different processes avoids complexities in the procedure of recycling.

 There are different colors of waste bins according to different types of waste.  It is a kind of color coding for waste material. Let’s have a brief discussion on the color of dustbins.

  • Brown dustbins.

The waste management system has come up with the color code of brown dustbins for the waste material that is organic. Organic waste materials are biodegradable materials that are the products of animals or plants. All these materials are converted into methane or other organic compounds that are called biodegradable waste.

Waste of food, food-soiled paper, and other non-hazardous trash, rotten food, and other natural products are composted. The reduction of chemical fertilizers by the compost made of this organic waste. 


  • Blue dustbins.

Blue dustbins are used for dumping liquid waste materials, such as oils wash water, and liquid detergents, all these kinds of dirty water are known to be liquid waste. You would find some harmful liquids that are poisonous to us including our environment. 

All these kinds of dirty liquids are to be found in factories or industries. Sometimes it could be found in our house too.

Wastewater has the tendency to spread out easily and it can easily pollute other resources of water. Wastewater easily gets absorbed by soil that can pollute the groundwater. The chances of polluting and ruining the crops and vegetation are high. 


  • Yellow dustbins.

Yellow dustbins are the dustbins that are used to dispose of all hazardous waste material. Hazardous waste material means those waste material that has the probability of creating a health risk to human and also to the environment if not handled carefully. 

These types of waste have high chances of destruction and death. They might be flammable in nature, poisonous, etc. Motor oils, unused or expired medicines, and batteries are some of examples of hazardous waste.


  • Orange dustbins.

Orange dustbins are given for dumping all the solid waste. Solid wastes are those waste materials that are produced in industries and other commercial environments. For example, storage collection, transportation, and processing are regarded as solid waste management. Ceramics, cartoon boxes, bubble wraps, and metals also fall under solid wastes.

Some other examples of solid waste are building debris, business refuse and air pollution control facilities, etc. which are discarded in orange dustbins. 


  • Green dustbins.

​​​​​​​Green dustbins are also knowns as recyclable waste bins. These are the types of waste recycled and utilized by turning its form and shape to make something new and resourceful out of the waste material. Recyclable goods like metal, furniture, iron, etc.


Is segregation of dry and wet waste necessary?


The waste materials that are produced on daily basis can have a very negative impact on our lives, especially on the natural environment.  The need for proper segregation is important before dumping it in a waste bin. Therefore, we must always have two different types of dustbins for dry waste and wet waste. 

The first point that explains the need for the segregation of waste matters is that it helps to keep your home clean and the surrounding around you as well. We never would want to live in an environment surrounded by waste debris and unpleasant odor. 

Keeping different dustbins for dry and wet waste at home is necessary to maintain hygiene.

The second point says why segregation is important. Because we need to prevent the world from getting polluted and make it a better place to live. Pollutions like air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution are actually harmful to the environment.

Segregation of dry and waste material can help prevent controlling all these types of pollution. By the process of segregation, it will help the waste management system to take control over the complexities. 

It is necessary because not all garbage or waste materials can be recycled. So, dumping all the waste matters into landfills before segregation can be harmful to the soil if it is done in a long-term process. It might affect the natural environment by polluting the crops and the water supply that gets from the ground.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the importance of segregation. The waste management system has provided various dustbins with different color coding. This helps to manage and keep our environment clean and at the same will be able to protect our world from getting polluted. 

Try not to mix up all the waste material and dump everything into one dustbin. 


Waste management in home is important. Why and how?


If you want to change this world, let the first step of the change begin from your home. Home is the first place where you learn your life lessons. It is that comfort zone of yours that you would want to keep fresh and clean.

Keeping things and your surroundings clean in your living environment attracts positive energy that will help you maintain peace and calmness.

Waste management is a must routine that you should always follow. We should know how to segregate garbage at home. Once we learn how to keep things clean and able to segregate waste material, we can guide the world and let them be aware of it.

Make it a kind of habit of segregating waste material because it will always help you not fall under any penalty from the municipal authorities.

You can easily manage your waste material at home, but before that, you should know the difference between dry waste and wet waste. After knowing about the difference, act on it not just know it. Utilize the knowledge you have about it and keep different dustbins for dry and wet waste. 

In the kitchen, try to keep two different dustbins one for wet waste and the other for dry waste. On the wet waste dump all those vegetable and fruit peels and other solid organic food etc., to the other dump all the other dry waste like plastic and tetra packs, etc. 

One of the important traits of segregating waste at home is that it becomes easy for the waste collector to collect and dispose of the waste.

Most of the wet waste is organic and organic waste doesn’t affect the environment. But there are few dry wastes that are non-biodegradable that can affect the environment.

Nowadays you will spot different colored dustbins in various colonies and cities. It is a good initiative to keep our surroundings clean which also helps our environment to protect from pollution. There are apartments that keep different dustbins, one for dry waste and another for wet waste.

Uttarayan developers came forward with the idea of placing dry waste bins and wet waste bins. So that it becomes easy for the people living in the apartments to keep the surroundings clean including the rooms they live in.


Oct 08, 2022

Tips for apartment interior design -2022

Best apartment interior design you would want for your home.

Don’t you want to design your own dream house? Living in a house where we have put our own ideas and designs is a wish come true.  How would you want to decorate your house? Here are some tips for apartment interior design that you might be looking for that would suit your way of life.  


Your dream house is more than a mere infrastructure, it is a place where you would find calmness after a whole tiresome day. The peace and coziness that you would want also depend on how it has been structured and decorated. The apartment interior design should be appealing to you which would give you the feeling of your home.

However, depending on your choices and requirements there forms a dream home for you. People might have numerous requirements that would satisfy their wants like the interior design or the location of the house, etc.


Talking about apartments, you would find varieties of apartments, with small to big rooms. There are real estate developers that might help you find your dream house. You would find 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK, differently structured according to your choices. Sometimes it gets hard to design and decorate small structured houses. And to be able to meet the needs and requirements of the clients makes the builders successful.

You will find numbers of real estate builders in North East India. As the competition in this sector rises, the developers give their best and come up with the best unique services. Some of the refined real estate developers in Northeast India


This evolving world wants newness in everything. And giving interesting new touch and a modern stylish look to your house occupied with all the coziness and comfort is something you long for. The complication arises with the small apartments. To be able to reach your needs designs in a small flat need a bit of attention.  


There are things that should be taken care of while building an apartment like, it should have enough ventilators so that it is easy for the fresh air from outside can go through and the other odor inside the room can leave. Also, the natural lights can peep through the room.


The interior design of the flat should be designed in a such way that it leaves enough space for other amenities. The interior designs appliances should be fixed properly so as it doesn’t fall out as easily. The person who fixes should be experienced in handling all the equipment related to interior design.



Why is it important to get flat interior design professionals?

Professionals are important in every sector. They help you with all the confusion you face regarding any issues in a particular sector. Taking the help of experts in the field of building a house is something you must do. They would take care of the convenience including the styling of the flat.


1. Contemporary trendy insights -

One of the important advantages of hiring a professional interior designer is that they would present everything new they have to you on your table. They are always well acquainted with current trends that have come up in the market. Professional interior designers are always aware of everything new and best which is something you need in your house. The knowledge they have regarding recent amenities can be useful for your house.


2. Experienced-

Another important benefit is that professional interior designers are well-experienced. The more experienced they are the more it’s better because they could handle all the complications that come on their way smoothly. They have all the equipment and also carry a proper vision for any project they work on.


3. Experts in managing time -

A professional interior designer has the best time management skills. Before starting any projects, they would ask for the required time and would complete the task in the given time period. This leaves you tension free. You don’t have to worry about how long does it going to take for your shift or including the money that you have invested it.

They complete their task on their due dates. 


4. Budget -

One of the best advantages of hiring a professional interior designer is that they work according to your budget. Under your budget, they provide you with the best service you would need. They plan everything under your budget so that the process of designing your house is in agreement with you and carries out the whole process smoothly.


5. Plan -

Another benefit of hiring an interior designer is that being a professional they are trained to always make a plan with themselves for every project. Having a proper plan with yourself of how are you going to design your flat and with what type of new amenities are you to work with and how are going make it look attractive and comfortable at the same time. It brings a little relief to you because it saves your energy including your time. They would also keep in mind the needed space for your house.


How to choose the best apartment interior design?


Choosing the best apartment interior design is a very complicated task. As we are offered lots of options, we get confused with the choices we take. To find the best of the best interior designs and planning to design your entire house can be hectic. And it is not something that could be done every now and then. It becomes a long-term investment for you and so would want the interior designs to last long.

Follows some important tips for you to choose the apartment interior designs.


1. Recognize your own style-

The first step in choosing your interior design is to be clear about what you want. How do you wish your house would look like? It is necessary to be familiar with the designs you want in your home. For that, you have to go through websites and scrape some details about it. Try to collect all the information regarding the designs you prefer. Then, discuss your choice of fashion with them which supports the designer to calculate according to their plan.


2. Portfolios of interior design-

Professionals of interior designers always have portfolios with them. They would have all the samples of the designs in their portfolios. This would help you choose your design. Starting from the living room to the bathroom you would find different interior design samples. This might make it easy for you to choose the best ones that suits your flat.


3. In-person meeting with the designer -

The important step before choosing your designer is that you should have a thorough knowledge of all the strategies the designer is going to carry out in the project. Including the designs to the budgets, from the designer’s experience to his qualification. Try to ask questions as many as you can.  


4. Agreement signed –

While choosing a professional interior designer you will find many advantages and disadvantages. So, preparing yourself with a contract is also a must. Signing the agreement before any project starts is necessary and beneficial at the same point. Every small detail should be mentioned in that government sheet of paper which keeps both the party on the safe side


How to aesthetically enhance flat interior design?


Beautiful things are always appreciated. Have you ever dreamt of having an eye-catching apartment that you would be proud of and at the same time wrapped with coziness and warmth. The first thing you would notice when visiting someone’s home is the house itself? How well it is organized and decorated. We would scan the interior designs of the house including the furniture placed in the house.

We would always want to keep our look aesthetically upright. Here are some tips for you so that your flat looks aesthetically bright.


1. Lights-

Lights do play important role in the designing elements. Having the perfect flashes of lights in your flat is something very aesthetically attractive. Lights highlight all the features of your apartments and also highlight the corners of your rooms. The perfect shade of lights can give your room an aesthetic look. The correct angle settings of lights can help you with it.


2. Picture -

Another important element to give a complete aesthetic look to your flat is by adding pictures. There are different types of pictures that you would want to hang on your walls. Either you can place it on tables or above any small wardrobes just to give an aesthetic shine.

You can frame the pictures of your family or beloved ones or also can buy hand-painted pictures that would go with your flat. For example, you can also use abstract paintings. This is something very new in the market of aestheticism.

Just make sure to choose something very heart-appealing pictures, not some random cliches.


3. Color of the wall-

This is something you should take care of. The color of the rooms also depends in giving an aesthetic look. You can’t just randomly paint your room with any color. Choose that type of color that would always cheer your mood up. Prefer not to choose gloomy colors. Try to choose colors that would brighten up your mood.


 4. Modular kitchen-

This is a modern innovation for making your kitchen look extra special. The place where you prepare your daily meals should also be aesthetically attractive. A modular kitchen is a modern kitchen that is well equipped with all necessities needed for a proper kitchen. It has been so well organized that you will feel obliged to use the kitchen. From starting from a basin to a microwave oven.

It provides every facility that a proper kitchen need.


5. Furniture-

Another most important element to add to your rooms to give an aesthetic look are items of furniture. Try to choose your furniture that would go accordingly with your rooms. Try not to buy extra-large furniture for small rooms. It might eat up the needed space incongruously.  Always try to choose the furniture that would match with other designer amenities of your room.

Try to place the furniture in a way where it becomes for you to move freely and doesn’t disrupt your movement. The color of the furniture also matters including the designs too. You would find various types of furniture in the market.

Furniture actually changes the look of rooms. It elevates the beauty of the rooms of your apartment.

Try to put the furniture in its appropriate places. For example, don’t try to place your wardrobe in the living room. The place wardrobe is to be in the dressing room or your bedroom.


How does a real estate developer help you with your apartment’s interior design?


One of the easiest ways to explore the field of apartment interior design is to get associated with real estate builders.

The real estate market is a kind of market where they provide services and extend help with the buying of flats and apartments. They offer various types of flats and apartments for you. One of the best matters about investing in real estate is that they have trusted professionals that will guide you with all your issues regarding buying a home.

They provide various facilities from starting to the parking lot to gym and clubhouses. There are many famous and well-experienced real estate developers you will find. For example, Uttarayan real estate developers are situated in Guwahati and it is a well-recognized real estate.

They provide you with the best interior designed houses for you. they have experienced and qualified professionals who handle all these different sectors.

The interior designers of Uttarayan real estate, are extremely polite with their behavior and also experienced in their field. They are trusted with their work. They plan their designs according to your choices and wants and give their hundred percent of them to meet your needs. While working on the project of designing they also take care of your comfort and safety.

Sep 22, 2022

Know about Assam real estate, how and where to invest -2022

What do you know about Assam real estate?

We all know right, that the sector of real estate is evolving all over the world.  No doubt northeast India is in the queue of reaching the top in this field. Assam is a developing state with the largest metropolitan city in the northeast, with eye-catching scenic beauty. It is growing in every sector.

 Are you planning to settle down in Assam? Or are you confused thinking, if residing in Assam would be a top-notch idea? Let’s discuss, a few points about Assam real estate which will give you a brief idea about the environment. 

In Assam, real estate companies or agents can be found easily, but it might be difficult to choose the best because all of the builders in northeast India offer outstanding service. You might find various reasons that might attract you to reside in northeast India.

You have to be active to cast around so that you could find your dream home in Assam. But you don’t have to worry about it, the real estate companies in northeast India will provide you with the best options for you.  

Some of the advantages that you will be acknowledging in Northeast India.

First of all, let us tell you about the most attractive thing about Assam which is the natural surrounding. Northeast India is known for its breathtaking beauty. The green hills of Meghalaya, known as Scotland of the northeast. The presence of one of the longest rivers Brahmaputra. The presence of Majuli is one of the smallest river islands. Assam is rich in tea plantations and its tea production is famous all over the world. There are other picturesque beauties making northeast India more special than any other state.

So by default, you can imagine the location of the real estate in Assam can be aesthetically beautiful. That makes it suitable for the buyers to purchase a home if he/she/they want to own a place surrounded by soothing natural beauty.

Northeast India has always been in the peripheral view compared to mainland India. Very few in this world know about the region of northeast India because it is unexplored and unscathed. Recently it came to observance that northeast India falls under the most culturally diverse region of the world.

There are over 200 tribes that hold on to the vibrant cultures of the northeast, having their own different values and customs, which make the states of northeast India dynamic. You will find different rare endangered animals in northeast India, that you won’t find anywhere in this world.  You can also experience the cultures of northeast India through its heterogeneous tribal festivals, through their festivals you would know a lot about their ethnicity.

The North-Eastern region of India shares its boundaries with Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar. According to the 2011 census, 8.6% of India’s population consists of tribes. There are altogether 427 tribal communities all over India. North-east India is a land inhabited by more than 200 tribes, with each community having its own unique way of living.

The North-Eastern region of India shares its boundaries with Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar. According to the 2011 census, 8.6% of India’s population consists of tribes. There are altogether 427 tribal communities all over India. North-east India is a land inhabited by more than 200 tribes, with each community having its own unique way of living.

The North-Eastern region of India shares its boundaries with Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar. According to the 2011 census, 8.6% of India’s population consists of tribes. There are altogether 427 tribal communities all over India. North-east India is a land inhabited by more than 200 tribes, with each community having its own unique way of living.

The North-Eastern region of India shares its boundaries with Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar. According to the 2011 census, 8.6% of India’s population consists of tribes. There are altogether 427 tribal communities all over India. North-east India is a land inhabited by more than 200 tribes, with each community having its own unique way of living in Assam is a promised land with diverse cultures. It becomes a hotspot for the people of the neighboring states.  Assam has the amalgamated traits of Indo-Burmese, Mongolian and Aryan, which make it different from other states of northeast India.  We will find varieties of tribes like kachari, Koch-ranjbongshi, Bodo, etc. in Assam. The chasm of different cultures among the groups doesn’t bring any downfall to the state. Instead, every difference brings them close among themselves which ties a knot of unity.

So, another reason to reside in Assam is that you will experience and get to know the rich tradition of Assam starting from Bihu to Bah-Gosai Utsav.

The real estate in Assam is reaching at its stake, making it difficult for people to choose and what not to choose for them. In Assam, Guwahati is the main magnet that attracts people from different other states to come over and settle, because Guwahati is a metropolitan city. The advantage of being the largest metropolitan city is what makes the people want to reside here.

Assam is a developing state backed up with connections all over the world having much stronger communication. People gather here for various reasons, for instance, professional work, education, etc. helps people to be open to opportunities.

The infrastructures, like hospitals, malls, and educational institutions are modernized in Assam. New technologies and gadgets are being fully introduced and utilized in every sector.

Finding a real state in Assam and settling here makes your life more flexible. Because they provide all the luxurious facilities you would want in your life. For example, Uttarayan Group, one of the famous real estates in Assam.

Let us make things easier for you. To help you find the best Real Estate in Northeast India.


A few refined builders in northeast India to know.

We always prefer the best for ourselves. So, when it comes to finding a home for ourselves, we always want all the best options to be presented in front of us. Northeast India has a great value option for real estates. We have provided some of the best builders in Northeast India that you should know if you are new to it.


One of the popular and well-trusted builders in northeast India, situated in the Assam Uttarayan group has provided various facilities and expertise in constructing their apartment. it gives you rock-bottom standard living rooms with full-fledged modern technologies. The buildings are built in seismic-resistant RCC framed structures.


Good deal infrastructure Housing Agency is also a well-known real estate in northeast India, Laitumkhrah, Shillong It provides all of the important belongings for the house. Their motive is to serve the best life experience to the customers.


Kevi's Real Estate in Chumukedima, Dimapur is another name among the real estate companies in northeast India. The expertise of this agency tries to meet their customer’s needs and wants. they have provided comfortable space, enough for your kids to play around.


Real estate Tripura, is also one of the important real estates in northeast India, situated in Ujan Abhoynagar, Krishna Nagar, Agartala, Tripura. The agents of this real estate try to find the best suitable home for you. A home with all the necessary furniture and amenities makes sure that you are in your comfort zone.


Another real estate in northeast India situated in Mizoram is Zamzo real estate.  Zombo makes sure to make your home as perfectly beautiful and cozy as you want. They provide many crucial things needed in one home. They take care of the safety of their customers as well. 

These are some of the well-known real estates in northeast India that might guide you to get your dream house. They serve you multiple numbers of options with the best benefits and bequest.


Few refined real estate companies in Assam.

Assam becomes the main hotspot for all the neighboring states. The main pulling point is the metropolitan city of Assam i.e. Guwahati. It is the gateway to all other states of northeast India. Not only North East India but also the gateway to south Asian countries. We all know the benefits of a metropolitan city, associated with all the developed infrastructure and new technologies, growing of the real state business is also something we might take a look at.

Let’s see some of the real estate companies in Assam.


 Reputed builder is one of the reliable real estate developers in Assam. It has high experience in the construction field. The quality matters that allow them to work in full transparency. Their goal is to reach the desires and needs of the customer.


Another developer that stepped into the real estate business in Assam is Subham Planners Ltd headed by the Lohia group. The expertise of this group serves their customers the first class, spacious, comfortable life, by providing them their dream house. They have developed various commercial buildings, residential buildings, etc. They offer you the best luxurious life.


Creative group is the growing real estate developer in Assam, it provides top modern facilities. The main headquarter of this developer is in Pune. Creative Builders believes in serving the best quality. They follow the principles of trust and integrity. It believes in satisfying customers with its work. They have provided various facilities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, clubhouse, etc.


Uttarayan group is dependable real estate in Guwahati published in 2004. It has trustable and highly experienced experts. Different expertise for different fields of work like, for designing of the rooms professional designer have been hired, construction expertise, etc. They also provide furnished rooms for their customers because they believe in making their customers’ lives comfortable. They have used modern furniture and new gadgets and paraphernalia for the kitchen.

Uttarayan real estate in Assam has developed its building in different areas of Guwahati. The buildings are located in Kahilipara, Ghoramara, Kheraikuchi, Ulubari, G S Road, Survey Beltola, Lalmati, Narayan Nagar, and Garal. The buildings are built with all the futuristic commodities embedded with the latest high-technical facilities to make your life a comfortable one.

Some of the facilities that they have provided are a parking lot, a mini theatre, a children’s playground, indoor game facilities, a Clubhouse cum Library, a swimming pool, a rooftop garden, etc.

Sep 21, 2022

Finest real estate in Guwahati - 2022

Finest real estate in Guwahati.

Are you planning to secure a house which you could call your own? People spend their life savings just to build their dream house. Being a nature lover and also a city bird, ever felt like staying in the countryside and at the same point, you want to enjoy the nightlife of a city? And encountering difficulties to find a proper property, if you are irked, then you have visited the right website.

Yes, Guwahati would be the best place for you to find a home. Have you ever considered taking help for investing in real estate? You will find the finest real estate in Guwahati. But the task of picking up real estate in Guwahati can be very challenging.  As Guwahati is a metropolitan city covered by various beautiful greeneries and hills, it becomes a perfect place for residential purposes for someone who wants to enjoy the greeneries of Guwahati as well as the city life of it.

Despite, all the hustle and bustle, sometimes you still might not be satisfied with the outcome and everything might feel shattered. And taking account of that, we don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

If you are searching for a perfect place in Guwahati then we are here to help you find the finest real estate in Guwahati.

Guwahati is the largest metropolitan city in northeast India, with the current population in 2022 being 1,155,000, a 1.76% increase from 2021.

The city is very diverse and also known as the gateway to the other South-Asian countries which helps to create better connections of routes and for other fortuity. Guwahati is supported by better communication and transportation systems and we all know about the advantages of having it.

Residing in Guwahati would bring better connections. It is helpful for those who are working and also for those who are likely interested to explore the countries especially Southeast Asia. It opens up a door for many fair shakes.

Being the capital city, itself brings advantages to residing here. Better infrastructure and technologies add up more advantages like better opportunities for work, better schools and universities, technologically upgraded hospitals and other medical institutes, etc. In short, things that are necessary to live your life become easily reachable to you.

If you are struggling or want extra earnings, renting your property acts as a stipend. The fleeting desire for rent is at a high rate in Guwahati, especially for the students and scholars from other states, who look for a homely environment, including people from other professions.

Real estate with a better location, security, and other amenities that makes life comfortable as you’ve imagined. If you are at six and seven regarding how to choose your property then we got it covered in this article. They would provide you with all the best options according to your preference. Skeptic about the real estate markets? Where to invest? Will it be worth it? There may be thousands of questions popping up in your mind.

Do not worry. We have come up with a solution. Uttarayan Group, one of the finest real estate developers in Guwahati presents you with multiple options to fulfill your dream home.


15 Reasons to choose Uttarayan Real Estate developers.

Being able to reside in one’s dream home can be the best feeling in life. Real estate might help you achieve it. Real estate is described as a property that comprises land with imperishable structures attached to the land, artificial or non-artificial. Real estate helps you find what you are searching for. They will try to reach your needs.

Uttarayan is a popular real estate developer well known in Guwahati. Uttarayan was introduced in the year 2004-05, with its motive to offer you creative living with an innovative lifestyle. Uttarayan helps you to find your perfect house.


  • Professionals.

We are always jumbled up with many queries regarding the property, especially the issues of safety and the strength of the building. For instance, if the building strong enough or well-constructed? A rational thinker will always think about its safety first, like you and I.

If you thinking too much about it then you can calm yourself down, because Uttarayan makes sure to settle and calm your mind down. Here, experts and professionals can always be your savior in distress.  The expertise and professionals Uttarayan provides are highly experienced. They are well knowledgeable in their fields.

Before choosing any property for ourselves we would always want to consult someone for advice regarding What to choose? Which to choose? and how to choose? Uttarayan has professional staff who are dedicated to their work and provides wonderful services.

Uttarayan serves expertise in constructing their buildings. It has the experience of constructing over Ten Lac Sq Ft of Happy Homes. The team of our company is very adept in its management process. We have formed different teams of construction workers to perform different works related to it. For instance, we have hired professional designers for designing the building. The rooms are designed to be spacious enough for people to reside. Each room with its specific utility has been designed to make one’s life run smoothly.

 All the Uttarayan projects are constructed in a way that makes your life easy.


  • Location.

Location is another reason for which you should choose Uttarayan. Like I said before, Guwahati itself is a very alluring place. And the natural beauty surrounding Guwahati enhances its serenity. Beauty dwells in the heart of Guwahati, and Uttarayan becomes a complementary dessert in the main course of your meal.

Before we decide to purchase in any sector, we always check the location. You would never want to be in a place where solitary might attack you, nor would you want to be somewhere right beside the busy traffic with all the noise wrapping around all the time.

When you talk about choosing your residence, you would choose a location where materials and other commodities are easily accessible to you. Uttarayan brings forward the exquisite option for you. The builders of Uttarayan have successfully handed over Eleven projects and there are more ongoing projects to be completed.

  1. Uttarayan Heights, Ghoramara
  2. Uttarayan Ville, Kahilipara
  3. Uttarayan Pride, Kahilipara
  4. Uttarayan Greens, Kheraikuchi
  5. Uttarayan Residency, Kahilipara
  6. Uttarayan Dwarka, Ulubari, G S Road
  7. Uttarayan Enclave, Survey Beltola
  8. Uttarayan Villa, Kumarpara,
  9. Uttarayan Prestige, Survey Beltola
  10. Appati Apartment, Lalmati
  11. Uttarayan sri Sai Villa, Narayan Nagar
  12. Uttarayan Empire, Garal
  13. Uttarayan Shreejoni, Garal

The Uttarayan Heights is located near Ghoramara Chariali, Borsojai, and Guwahati. It is surrounded by important infrastructures like the Delhi Public school and Sanskrit Gurukul. Medical facilities like GNRC hospital and Down Town Hospital and Sankardev Netralaya. Most important the Beltola market is nearby and also the Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT).

The Uttarayan Residency comprises 46 units, Uttarayan Pride comprises 64 units, and Uttarayan Ville comprises 466 spacious apartments with a luxurious clubhouse spread across 6+ acres of land both situated at Kahilipara, Guwahati. Both infrastructures are neighbored by historic Narakasur hills and various marketplaces. Within your reach, you will find hospitals like Guwahati Medical College and Hayat Hospital. Eminent schools like Modern English School, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, etc. Meanwhile, Uttarayan Ville is the largest Residential project in Guwahati city having a 74% open area with a lot of facilities and amenities.

The other completed projects like Uttarayan Greens comprising 143 dwelling units with a Clubhouse are located at Vishnu Rabha path, Near Hockey Stadium, Borsojai, and Guwahati-34. Uttarayan Dwarka is located in the middle of the city that is in Ulubari. All these apartments are constructed in locations where you can lead an urbanized lifestyle with the facilities of modern technologies.

Moreover, there are a few projects that are built on the edge of the city but that shouldn’t disappoint you. Projects like Uttarayan Shreejoni, at Garal, Dharapur, and Uttarayan Empire, at New Airport Road, respectively. Though both of them are at a peripheral view of the city, the apartment comprises all the urban facilities. Nearby, you can see the famous delightful Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam, Deepor Beel. Uttarayan provides very important amenities and also other miscellaneous activities that will make your life comfortable and modernized.


  • Budget:

The matter of money becomes a factor when it comes to investing your hard work. At a certain point in time, you might get scared and confused before wanting to invest your money in any real estate. And you might at a point feel like seeking advice and consulting a real estate advisor.

Thousands of questions might arise in your mind and can make you more perplexed. For instance, should I invest? Will it be worth it? Will it be the value of money? Because you would always want the best for yourself. The advisor would always suggest the best option for you according to your choices.

Before coming to any conclusion, you might want to have in-depth knowledge about Real Estate Property purchasing before investing your money. Property purchasing may cause extra charges other than statutory charges. Some other extra charges are registration fees, society Administration charges, parking charges, etc.

Uttarayan makes sure that you can buy your dream house by taking care of your budget and therefore planning and constructing projects that suit every pocket ranging starting from affordable, value for money to the most luxurious ones.


  • Facility

We all know that our home is the best comfort zone for us. Our room, our kitchen, our bathroom, etc. are the only best rooms that we find because of the facilities our home has. We always make our house loaded with facilities to make ourselves comfortable and make our life easy peasy.

When we purchase a property, we always try to search for the essential facilities that the real estate is delivering us. We scan the brochure through and through just to see positive provisions given to us.

Uttarayan being one of the best real estate developers in Guwahati offers you the best modern facilities in this urban society.


  • Space.

There are different types of rooms available; from 2bhk to 3bhk every room is spacious enough for one to be living with his or her belongings, spacious enough to be able to invite your guest or relatives overnight. The rooms have enough space for a family to keep their types of furniture, and a kitchen with multiple electronic appliances.

Family-bearing kids won’t be complaining about congestion. Kids will have enough space for them to move around and also for their creative spaces.


  • Gymnasium

At Uttarayan we believe that your health is your wealth. Uttarayan has built their building taking care of your wants and needs. It has taken care of the want and needs of fitness enthusiasts too. The real estate developer has provided a gym in the building. You can visit the gym and can go for a little workout whenever you feel like working out.


  • Indoor activities

Uttarayan has a separate place in its property for indoor activities. People who like to enjoy indoor activities more than outdoor activities could have the best life enjoying in Uttarayan. During your leisure hours, you can always join the indoor activities.


  • Swimming pool

Summer can be irritating for a few, but occasionally it can be fun for you to go swimming.  If you feel like going swimming and don’t like visiting some other specific place for swimming, Settle down, Uttarayan has made it easier for you.

We have provided you with a swimming pool. Swimming is good for your health; it keeps you and your family fit. And if you are thinking about hygienic issues, you need not have to worry that Uttarayan makes sure it is hygienic enough and suitable for you.


  • Parking Lot

One of the most important facilities that Uttarayan has offered is the parking lot. We know that many of you will be working men or women and many of you will have your vehicles. And most of you will be stressing out where would you park your vehicle and whether will it be safe to keep it.

Uttarayan wants to take the stress from you regarding the parking of your vehicle. It has an adequate parking lot and also assures you of its security.


  • Cafeteria cum Library

Food is one most important parts of life. It has the power to make one feel energized and get back to the hectic life. Uttarayan Ville also has the facility of providing food with reading.

There is a small library provided to us, where we could read and enjoy our leisure hours. It has a cafeteria with a small library, whenever you feel exhausted you can come out of your house and can enjoy spending time with your family with food or drinks in the cafeteria.

 The cafeteria in Uttarayan is very hygienic and you can also varieties of food and eatables available in the café with different books you can relish.


  • Clubhouse

Humans are social animals and being social is one of the traits of humans. Uttarayan has taken care of it as well. They have provided a clubhouse as well, where different people can gather around talk and exchange ideas on a different topic.


  • Children playground

Another important facility given to you is especially for your children, i.e., it has provided you children’s playground. Children can come out of the house, play, and enjoy the beautiful campus of Uttarayan.


  • Minitheater

 Minitheater in your home is a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want a minitheater in their home right? Yes, Uttarayan has bought forth to you one of the most amazing facilities i.e. the facility of minitheater. Now you can enjoy your movies at home with your family as you do in movie halls but in a more comfortable zone.


  • Rooftop garden

Uttarayan also has the space of a rooftop garden. The rooftop of Uttarayan has enough space for gardening. The garden is beautifully managed with varieties of plants and flowers with seating arrangements, which attracts the resident. The rooftop garden of Uttarayan has a very peaceful scenario that mesmerizes the viewer.


  • Steam Sauna facility

Who doesn’t want a luxurious life? Who doesn’t want an air-conditioned room during the scorching heat of summer? And who doesn’t want a hot Sauna bath during freezing winter?

Uttarayan has done its best job by providing a Sauna bath facility. You and your family can easily take the opportunity to use the facility to its fullest. A sauna bath is also best for your health. People suffering from Asthma can actually take a sauna bath which will help them with their breathing and perspiring all the toxic substances out of their body.

Investment in Uttarayan and disappointment regarding the investment is the last thing that you should be bothered about. Uttarayan has offered you a wholesome pack of happiness regarding the purchase of your house. The buildings of Uttarayan located in various parts of Guwahati are a melting pot of North-East India.

Being the largest capital city of northeast India enhances the chances to be open to the opportunities provided by the city. And to be able to enjoy the blissful natural sceneries of Guwahati can be a plus point for you.




Jul 27, 2021




Stepping foot into the real estate market is a daunting task. For most people, it is one of the necessities of life that come under basic needs, however, for many, it is just a want, an opportunity to secure the future. Selecting the right property to invest in encapsulates many factors ranging from price, location, requirements, and a recent yet globally acknowledged significance of amenities that comes along. It is also a great way to accumulate capital. As the famous American Industrialist once said, “Ninety percent of millionaires have become so by investing in real estate”. 

But how do we find the property that gives optimum value for investment, considering the budget as a constraint? In India, even though the market has been booming and the market has become a buyer’s market, and with a surge in the capacity of the middle-class, money would always be a factor that is checked pre-emptively before any investment is made. So, we have chalked down few factors that would help us decide the kind of property we want to acquire.


  1. Location

One of the most important factors that facilitate or negate investment in real estate is the location of the project. It could be your hometown or a place with a serenity that might attract you. An isolated location would render more cost than a packed urban setting. However, the latter comes with the con of hassles and tussles of people around the place. If you are looking for a place to spend some quality time, out of the everyday rat race you are in, an isolated location would be a perfect choice. However, if you are a city-bird, you might want to look for properties inside the concrete jungle. 

If Guwahati is your choice of residence and this is where you see your future unfolding, Uttarayan Real Estate Developers would bring you with a plethora of options that could satisfy your needs. Currently, they have five ongoing projects spread across the city and in the outskirts that cater to a spectrum of clients and their corresponding needs. 

The Uttarayan Pride and Uttarayan Ville are located at Kahilipara, Guwahati, surrounded by essential institutions such as market place, medical college (Guwahati Medical College, Hayat Hospital), and schools (Modern English School, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Little Flower School, etc.). Even though one might feel the groove of the city-beats, the apartments are packed with modern amenities that go beyond the pale promises of its competitors. Additionally, Uttarayan Dwaraka is located at the heart of the city in Ulubari, with an even more urban feel to it. Whether you want access to medical institutions, railway station, shopping complexes, or probably your workplace which in most cases would be city-bound, these apartments are a perfect reflection of an urbanized lifestyle. 

On the other hand, projects such as Uttaryan Shreejoni and Uttarayan Empire are located at the outskirts of the city, at Dharapur and New Airport road respectively. Make no mistake, even though located far off from the pumping heart of Guwahati, these pristine locations would feed your desires to have a serene residence. With the necessary amenities inside and a growing market outside, these projects also find themselves in close proximity to the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. 


  1. Affordability 

As aforementioned, money is probably one of the most important factors (if not ‘The Most’) while deciding upon an investment. If you are a first-time buyer and seeking a dream home, you might want to consult a financial and real estate advisor to help you layout a plan of investment. Everybody wants a purchase of good value and without proper guidance, you may end up beating your head against the wall (and probably worsen the situation when the wall cracks up before your skull does). 

It is important to analyse the amount of mortgage you can afford along with the available funds. You may want to scrutinize if the real-estate apartments are value-for-money and tick your boxes of desire.

Remember, the investment does not end at just securing the four walls of the apartment. It goes beyond the realm of statutory charges. To break it down, here are the extra charges that you might have to incur: 

  • A Stamp Duty
  • A Registration fees
  • A possible Advocate Fees
  • A Home Loan Processing Fee. 
  • TDS
  • Society Administration Charges
  • Possibly a parking charge


  1. Clearing Debts 

One must have a cleared account when it comes to previous debts. A low credit score renders difficulty to apply for loans and the onus is upon the buyer to manage and adjust his/her finance when it comes to debts.


  1. Your Requirements


We believe that a person’s decision-making relies heavily on the requirements that surround him/her. As a potential investor in the real estate market, your choices and needs should be at the highest priority. Because let’s face it if you don’t get remotely what you want, why would you burn holes in your pocket, right? 

So, along with location and your financial stature, your bucket list matters too. Now, we are not saying that you should not be flexible when it comes to demands, but it is necessary to match your needs with the available options.

Whether you are going for your dream house, one that you have been weaving and mapping in your head along with your family, or an investment for the future where you just seek a good ROI, the ball is always on your court to decide which direction to step towards. 


  1. Nature of the Property 


Usually, this is something that is taken into notice foremost by the elite section of investors but let’s be honest, everybody dreams of a big, spacious house with amenities and a good community. It is you, however, who would need to draw up the list of things that different projects are providing and accordingly come to a reasonable conclusion. It could be the square foot area, the number of bedrooms, size of bathrooms (yes, they matter too!), furnished or semi-furnished, the various options available are there to be scrutinized and analyzed. If you want an investment where you seek a recurring return as rent, you may look into ready-to-occupy flats, whereas the ongoing projects are a good scope of putting your imagination into the construction and design. Ongoing projects usually render less cost than completed projects. Real estate developers like Uttarayan provide you with state-of-the-art amenities that give a chance to hover through beautiful options as well as sprinkle some colour out of the picture of your dream house you have imagined.


In conclusion, if you are someone who has been looking to invest in this sector, you can never be too early. This is a domain that has relentlessly pushed itself upwards, driving the economic growth of an area.


Probably the reason why people often quote T Harv Eker as:

“Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate, and wait.”